Full Moon Sound Journey

Full Moon Sound Journey

Full Moon In Scorpio Sound Journey

Journey with us in Iceland on this Full Moon. Playing 6 Gongs, over 20 Crystal Singing Alchemy bowls, Crystal lyre, and many other sacred instruments. Allow the sounds of the crystal alchemy bowls, crystal , and chimes to guide you into a state of relaxation, while you lie comfortably in savasana at home. As these sacred tones vibrate around and through your body, the intellectual, analytical mind becomes quiet and space opens for profound healing on a cellular level.

Please take note of the following guidelines to help facilitate your experience and to make sure our virtual offering is a success.

Preparing for the Sound Journey:
Please turn off your phone or devices at home
We recommend listening to the journey with ear buds or noise cancellation headphones
Drink plenty of water before and after the Journey
Sound transforms on a cellular level and being well hydrated assists the process.
Drugs and alcohol are not recommended prior or after a sound journey.
How to set your space :
Lie comfortably on the floor or your bed although you may fall a sleep for the night!
Set intention
Be sure to have the lights dimmed or off
Journal - so you may journal your experiences or dreams the night of the sound & energy transmission

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Full Moon Sound Journey

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